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My Only Quibble With The San Jose Earthquakes’ Rebranding

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From the earliest days of American soccer

I’m happy for the San Jose Earthquakes that they have a great tradition and have a wonderful new stadium on the way and have passionate fans and a history that goes back to 1974. But my only quibble with the explanation of their new look is in the video they created to explain it, as seen in the still above.

1974 was not “the earliest days of American soccer.” A team that (rightly) touts its own history should have a better handle on the history of the game in this country. We’ve had professional soccer – in one form or another – since as far back as 1894, when the first league, the American League of Professional Football, first kicked a ball. Even though it didn’t last (few have until recently), it’s a history that needs to be remembered and celebrated. Correctly.

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January 31st, 2014 at 10:31 am