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Final MISL Attendance Numbers 2013-2014

The Major Indoor Soccer League Championship will match the Baltimore Blast and Missouri Comets for the second straight year. (The Blast won last year’s series in two games.) Here are the final attendance numbers for the league for the 2013-2014 season:

Team G Total Average Median High Low
Rochester Lancers 10 73,471 7,347 7,532 8,910 5,169
Baltimore Blast 10 61,234 6,123 6,135 8,780 4,030
St. Louis Ambush 10 56,361 5,636 5,673 7,347 3,247
Milwaukee Wave 10 49,065 4,907 5,098 5,632 4,149
Missouri Comets 10 41,803 4,180 4,164 5,893 3,102
Syracuse Silver Knights 10 28,697 2,870 2,757 3,779 1,989
Pennsylvania Roar 10 15,492 1,549 1,088 4,632 922
MISL TOTAL 70 326,123 4,659 4,609 8,910 922


  • Rochester led the league for the second straight year, and saw an increase of about 16% in its announced average attendance for the year. Their 7,347 average marked the first time a team has cracked the 7,000 average barrier since Baltimore five years ago.
  • Baltimore was also up, just over 10%, while the rest of the league was either basically flat (Milwaukee was down 3%, Missouri just over 1%) or saw a big drop off (Syracuse, down 16%). The league itself was up 7% over last year, thanks to a strong showing (third in the league) by the expansion St. Louis Steamers.
  • Pennsylvania’s announced 1,549 average (boosted by a crowd of 4,632 for their only win of the season) wasn’t the lowest in recent years, but it was close. Rockford (1,112 in 2009-2010 and 1,242 in 2008-2009), the Chicago Riot (1,083 in their only season of 2010-2011), Chicago Storm (1,530 in 2005-2006) and, of course, the Massachusetts Twisters (459 in 2008-2009) were all worse at the gate. They weren’t all as terrible on the field as the Roar were, though.

As, seemingly, with every indoor offseason, this one will bring change. With renewed rumors of a merger with the PASL, the Milwaukee Wave’s owner being sued (not a problem, she says), no talk of expansion teams and an uncertain future for the MISL-USL relationship, there will be no lack of drama between now and next fall.

8 Responses to Final MISL Attendance Numbers 2013-2014

  1. At some point, you gotta wonder why they even bother. Indoor soccer’s heyday of the 1980s is long, long gone; now they have mediocre players (even by American standards) playing in front of a few thousand people, with not a TV contract in sight. I mean, what’s the point?

    Maybe it’s time to join the rest of the world and switch to futsal?

  2. There is room for uncertainty in a lot of things in this world, but of this I am sure: you will never ever get Americans to pay to watch futsal.

    Futsal’s slogan should be “Like outdoor soccer, only without all the excitement!”

    Futsal is what baseball would be if all you could ever hit in baseball were singles.

    Futsal is great as a training tool and Brasilians love it and blah blah blah blah.

    It’s fucking boring and you will never get Americans to pay to watch it.

  3. True, but they’re not watching indoor soccer, either. Futsal might be worth promoting as a youth game, but a professional league? Naah.

    Oh, and in case you didn’t know:

  4. What on EARTH makes you think I would not know that?

  5. Heh, for all we know the name’s changed a few more times since I started typing this…!

  6. Yeah, RMc, I’m kind of surprised they’re able to get anyone to keep trying. I can’t imagine anyone is making money, even the quasi-successful teams.

    Of course, then again, there are a bunch of people that are starting independent baseball/basketball/indoor American football leagues every year. So I guess there are a lot of people who don’t care about losing money in any sport.

  7. Howie, it’s because a lot of these people don’t do research, and they don’t think “it”-failure, will happen to them…they think THEIR approach wont be like the rest and people will come see them, because they have arrived. No one goes into these things thinking they are going to fail. Sure, they may know they are going to lose some money early on, maybe even a lot, but trust me, they think they have the answer, even if its just a new logo…

  8. “At some point, you gotta wonder why they even bother. Indoor soccer’s heyday of the 1980s is long, long gone; now they have mediocre players (even by American standards) playing in front of a few thousand people, with not a TV contract in sight. I mean, what’s the point?”

    Well, for those who are associated with the league (players, coaches, front office personnel, etc) having the league up and running sure as hell beats the unemployment lines…

    For the players alone, it sure as hell beats sitting at a desk all day, or selling insurance, or bartending, or digging ditches, etc. At least while you can do it, you do it because you have the rest of your life to “sit around”.

    So I guess the point is that even if nobody is being entertained by the sport, there’s still jobs at stake.


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