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Fatherland CoverNOW AVAILABLE IN PAPERBACK: Fatherland: Dads and Sons and the World Cup is the story of three generations on the trip of a lifetime to the biggest soccer event in the world.The story of their two week trip to Germany to cheer on the US National soccer team is about much more than just the games on the field: While exploring their heritage and enjoying the non-stop party that is the FIFA World CupTM, they bonded and gained a new understanding and appreciation for each other through the game they all love.

With over 150 full-color photographs, this book is a treasury of memories from the 2006 World Cup. If you traveled to Germany, you’ll enjoy seeing some of the places you may have visited while you were there. If you didn’t go, you’ll enjoy seeing what it was like to take part in soccer’s quadrennial party. And fathers and sons everywhere will enjoy this story, even if they’re not soccer fans.

Order this book here for just $19.95.

Well, you USED to be able to get it for $19.95. Now charges more than that just to produce the thing. Those bastards. I recommend that you NOT buy this book because it’s simply not worth it at the price they’ve set for it. I’ll explore other options.