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MLS Antitrust Testimony

Here is some of the testimony from Fraser v. Major League Soccer, L.L.C. (the shorthand version of Iain Fraser, Steve Trittschuh, Sean Bowers, Mark Semioli, Rhett Harty, David Scott Vaudreuil, Mark Dodd and Mark Dougherty v. Major League Soccer, L.L.C., Kraft Soccer, L.P., Anschutz Soccer, Inc., Anschutz Chicago Soccer, Inc., South Florida Soccer, L.L.C., Team Columbus Soccer, L.L.C., Team Kansas City Soccer, L.L.C., Los Angeles Soccer Partners, L.P., Empire Soccer Club, L.P., Washington Soccer, L.P. and United States Soccer Federation, Inc.), an attempt by the then-MLS Players Association to show that Major League Soccer had violated the Sherman and Clayton Antitrust Acts in how it hired, allocated and moved players to and between teams in the league. The case went to trial in the Fall of 2000, and the union lost (which was affirmed on appeal).

Someone emailed me these fragments of testimony years ago, and I’ve just recently re-discovered them. This is all I have, all that (to my knowledge) is readily available, and all you’ll get from me. So don’t ask. (For some reason, David Vaudreuil’s testimony is missing. I have no idea why.)