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TV Commercials

I used to produce and direct television commercials for a living. With almost no budget, we had to be clever and quick and couldn’t rely on celebrities or explosions or CGI talking babies. Here are a few of my favorites. (You can see many more here.)

Guerrilla Marketing
This was actually the first commercial I ever wrote and produced. It was for a seminar on “Guerrilla Marketing” featuring noted author Jay Conrad Levinson. A fabulous videographer in Indianapolis named Mike Jensen took my idea of military people getting their orders and ran with it and this was the result.


Bird Seed Sale
We did a series of commercials for a local pet store. This one was for their annual bird seed sale. (Sadly, Craig Allen, the store’s proprietor, passed away suddenly in October 2010. He was a great guy and he is missed.)


Mortgage Company: Heart Rate
A local mortgage company wanted everyone to know they had low rates. With the help of a local hospital and a willing sales executive, we pulled off this heart-stopping spot.


Italian Restaurant: Good Friends
I loved doing this commercial because the four friends we found (all fluent in Italian, luckily) were so great to work with. The script called for them to eat and drink while delivering their lines, and I had to shoot multiple angles (which meant multiple takes, which meant multiple drinks of wine, which meant the end of the shoot was more fun than the beginning).


Realty Company: Percentage Rate
A local realty company was looking to break into the market by offering a very low commission rate. This spot played up the fact that their low rate was the talk of the town.


Fitness Studio: Get Real
We did a three-spot series for a local fitness studio that came out of a conversation in which the owner said people needed to just “get real” about their fitness goals and make it happen. Here are all three spots – one focusing on men, one on women, and one combining the two.


PSA for Respite house
This was a public service announcement for a local facility that would give short-term care to medically fragile children so their parents could get a brief break from the stress of the constant care their kids require.