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Attendance Project: XSL

When the second Major Indoor Soccer League pulled the plug on itself in the summer of 2008, some of its teams split off into the new National Indoor Soccer League and four formed the Xtreme Soccer League. When the XSL bit the dust after a year, the Milwaukee Wave (eventually) joined the NISL, while the Chicago Storm, New Jersey Ironmen and Detroit Ignition folded.

Team G Total Average
Milwaukee Wave 10 45,634 4,563
Detroit Ignition 10 34,734 3,474
New Jersey Ironmen 10 30,511 3,051
Chicago Storm 10 26,500 2,650
XSL TOTAL 40 137,379 3,434

2 Responses to Attendance Project: XSL

  1. This was a last ditch effort for 4 teams to try and stay afloat after the demise of their league. It was the most brutal season of indoor soccer I’ve ever seen (I’m a Wave Fan). Playing the same teams week after week caused huge tension and the play was eventually the most physical I’ve ever seen outside of Rugby and American Football. It was both exciting and frustrating at the same time. Millionaire James Lindenberg stepped in and saved the Wave the following year as yet a new league formed.

  2. detroit had 3 more fans


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