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Kick Magazine Covers

A collection of covers from Kick, the official magazine/program of the defunct (original) North American Soccer League.

2 Responses to Kick Magazine Covers

  1. I was wondering if the current NASL has any plan of reviving KICK magazine? Have they consider this as an option?

    • Two things:

      1 – Considering they have appropriated a great many things from the original NASL and, in fact, would like you to believe it’s the same league, it wouldn’t surprise me except that
      2 – Magazines in general are not a tremendously healthy industry and to mount the type of magazine effort that KICK used to be probably would require resources that don’t currently exist and would not bring returns that would make it viable. The match program (or programme, depending on where you reside) is a shell of its former self, where it exists at all.


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