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“You’re Not In The Mood? Well, You GET In The Mood!”

You want details and you want them right now. Okay, Major League Soccer just announced some details of their new collective bargaining agreement. Here they are, with instant analysis from someone who should really be doing more important things: TERM: 2010 – 2014. (Five years, same as the last one. Get ready for the “2015… (read more)

No Apocalypse Now

Major League Soccer and its players have agreed “in principle” to a new five-year collective bargaining agreement, averting what would have been the first pro soccer league strike in more than 30 years. The players didn’t get free agency (something management had said wasn’t going to happen), but will, apparently, get more freedom of movement…. (read more)

Dave Checketts Has A Secret Plan

What is the “very aggressive and very different” plan the MLS owners have in store if the players go on strike on Monday? DOUBLE SECRET PROBATION? Now, maybe Dave Checketts is just talking to talk again. But, just in case he’s not, what could something “very aggressive and very different” mean? Replacement players? That’s surely… (read more)

Dr. Landon, Tell Me You’re Not Just A Pedagogue

Landon Donovan has returned from a successful loan spell with Everton in England, but will he get the chance to wear that Galaxy shirt in a league match anytime soon? MLS players are set to strike on Monday (so says Ives) if a new collective bargaining agreement isn’t reached. The way some owners and executives… (read more)

Post Hoc, Ergo Propter Hoc

Or “After It, Therefore Because of It.” It’s a logical fallacy, and one that many (even those who should know better) are making these days when it comes to comparing the NASL strike of 1979 with today’s battle between Major League Soccer’s players union and management. It’s my contention that the brief walkout by less… (read more)

Overthinking, I Guess

Two things I thought when I read this story in the Boston Globe about the ongoing collective bargaining negotiations between Major League Soccer and its players: Did MLS Commissioner Don Garber actually refer to his league as “the MLS?” Or was that just the way the quote was altered by an English reporter who was… (read more)