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Oh, Donna…..

Irony, from the latest issue of ESPN: The Magazine. In a story on tOhio State University President Gordon Gee, you will find this gem: “At Miami, president Donna Shalala personally hires each coach. She studies the NCAA rulebook and weekly compliance reports. During football games, she scours the sidelines for suspicious guests. ‘I’m on alert… (read more)

Boise State MIGHT Not Obviously Would Have Made An NCAA Playoff

EDIT AGAIN: Dan Wetzel, the patron saint of the playoff, doesn’t have Boise State in HIS bracket, either. So please complain to him. Those clamoring for a Division I playoff in college football (and I’m pro-playoff, let’s get this out of the way up top, but I’m not calling for Congressional intervention) might not have… (read more)

Okay, So Let Me Get This Straight….

After a long, arduous climb, one fraught with twists, turns and drama, that plucky little Boise State team has persevered and kept its hopes alive for a spot in the BCS Championship Game. Its win over Virginia Tech yesterday, coming so late in a tough season as it did, virtually assures… Wait, what? This was… (read more)

Non-Conference Call

Yes, Florida’s schedule sucks. Yes, playing Charleston Southern and Troy in back-to-back weeks is hardly what you think of when you think of what makes college football great. But the Gators aren’t the only team facing substandard non-conference opposition this year. Here’s a look at every non-conference game scheduled for every team in a BCS… (read more)

Why You Shouldn’t Take Sports Columnists Too Seriously

Chris Dufresne, Los Angeles Times, August 27, 2009: “Making (USC true freshman quarterback Matt) Barkley’s first-ever road trip a nationally televised game at Ohio Stadium is like sending a first violinist to Carnegie Hall before he has learned to play the entire concerto.” The gist of it was that Barkley wasn’t ready, that they were… (read more)

Rep. Joe Barton: Idiot

Texas Congressman Joe Barton likened the Bowl Championship Series to communism in hearings today in Washington. In a related story, Texas Congressman Joe Barton is an idiot. I’m sorry Texas didn’t get to play in the Championship Game. Really, I am. But blame your Big 12 tiebreakers, okay? Barton, the top Republican on the committee,… (read more)

Been There

When I was younger and less mature, I’d have taken great glee in this. Having lived through it as a student at Florida in the mid-1980s, I can’t bring myself to think anything but, “that sucks for them.” My first job out of college was in Tallahassee. I grew to respect Florida State’s programs and… (read more)

Ah, The Unbridled Enthusiasm Of Utes

I realize that Utah is the favorite of the BCS-bashers now (with SI’s Rick Reilly – who used to be really, really good at this – chiming in now that we should just crown their asses), but here’s my point, after looking at things a little more deeply: Oklahoma has a much, much, stronger case… (read more)