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Oh, Donna…..

Irony, from the latest issue of ESPN: The Magazine. In a story on tOhio State University President Gordon Gee, you will find this gem: “At Miami, president Donna Shalala personally hires each coach. She studies the NCAA rulebook and weekly compliance reports. During football games, she scours the sidelines for suspicious guests. ‘I’m on alert… (read more)

RIP Nick Charles

Those of you too young to remember when there were, basically, two places on television to get more national sports news than could fit in the three-and-a-half minutes your local TV talking head could give you probably have no idea who Nick Charles – who passed away today at age 64 after a bout with… (read more)

Bad Snap Decision

As you watch countless hours of NFL Draft-related programming over the next three days, just remember not to get too high or too low about whichever players your team selects. History tells us this is far from an exact science and that even people with years of experience in the game sometimes fumble what they… (read more)


Inspired by this list of one-sentence reviews of ESPN’s 30 For 30 documentary series, I figured now was as good a time as any to give you my take on the whole thing. 1. King’s Ransom: Peter Berg got to hang out on the golf course with Wayne Gretzky. Isn’t that cool? Look at me!… (read more)

Landon Donovan’s This Is Sportscenter Commercial

I’m not a huge fan of ESPN or Sportscenter and I think these promos largely jumped the shark years ago, but this one made me chuckle, and Landon Donovan did a nice job with it. That’s much better than Donovan’s Mexican Lottery spot, though not as unintentionally comedic.

30 For 30 Begins Tomorrow

ESPN has been the most powerful – but not always the most benevolent – force in sports media in this country for probably the last 15-20 years. Proving it can use its powers for good rather than for shameless self-promotion and the pursuit of the almighty dollar evil Its “30 For 30” series of documentaries,… (read more)

ESPN Would Never Be Hypocritical, Would They?

Old and busted, July 21, 2009: “(ESPN spokesman Josh Krulewitz) said the network has decided not to cover the (Erin Andrews nude peephole video) issue as a news story, ‘particularly since it has no bearing on her role as an on-air reporter.’” New hotness, September 1, 2009: “Andrews-Winfrey talk to air Sept. 11,” says headline… (read more)

Soccer Is The Most Beautiful Game I’ve Ever Seen And I Think I’m In Love With It

ESPN Radio revamps lineup (again) to showcase Tirico (From the Jacksonville Albany Times-Union) “On the TV side, added to Tirico’s plate (which includes MNF, NBA, Masters and the NFL Draft) will be ‘a prominent role’ in the network’s coverage of U.S. Open tennis, World Cup soccer and BCS football games. Wow. I wonder if it’s… (read more)