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Must Be Football Season

If Nike’s unveiling new unnecessary football uniforms for top college programs, the season must be close. This morning they revealed new togs for several teams, including the Florida Gators. (Way to bring Errict Rhett out of mothballs, UF.) Anyway, I don’t see a huge difference between this and what the Gators normally wear (last year’s… (read more)

Couldn’t Be Prouder

Good reporting work by the Orlando Sentinel here and here. As a Florida grad, I can say this is troubling to me. If this is the price of two national championships, you can have them. Don’t want them. Breaking them down: Felonies: burglary (2) theft (2) obstruction of justice (2) domestic violence by strangulation (1)… (read more)

American Idolatry

I have to say, I (largely) agree with this column by CBS Sportsline’s Gregg Doyel opining that the Tim Tebow worship has gotten out of hand. Look, Tebow is an outstanding college football player. Best ever? There’s a lot of thought you’d have to put into that before you could even get close to that statement,… (read more)

Here’s How I Know The Cardinals Have A Chance On Sunday…

Because Gene Wojciechowski says they have (virtually) no chance. And Gene Wojciechowski is an idiot. Other thoughts on Monday morning: Glad to see Jack’s back. I spent much of last night’s two-hour premiere saying “Where do I know that guy from? Oh, he was in…..” There was the guy who was Billy the asshat director… (read more)

Third Time’s Pretty Charming, Too

If only we were any good in baseball. Look, Oklahoma had a great team. Utah has an outstanding team. Texas and Southern Cal are great teams. But the system has given us this: #1 vs. #2, and last night #2 used surprising (to me, anyway) defense and the grit of Tim Tebow to beat #1,… (read more)

OK, Then

I honestly didn’t expect that.  Boy, the “fourth-best quarterback in the Big 12” sure stuck it up your ass on that last drive, there, didn’t he, Dominique Franks? In a related story, Tim Tebow may have had his first sexual experience tonight, with Thom Brennaman. I went to Florida and Brennaman’s man-love for Tebow was… (read more)

Ah, The Unbridled Enthusiasm Of Utes

I realize that Utah is the favorite of the BCS-bashers now (with SI’s Rick Reilly – who used to be really, really good at this – chiming in now that we should just crown their asses), but here’s my point, after looking at things a little more deeply: Oklahoma has a much, much, stronger case… (read more)

Whine And Song

It’s funny that so many say they want college football’s national championship decided on the field, yet they threaten to go through the courts to accomplish it. Florida and Oklahoma play tomorrow night in Miami for what either will or won’t be the brass ring, depending on the state in which you live, and yet… (read more)