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Episode #10: US Nats, Subbuteo, Beckham and More

Falling between World Cup qualifiers, episode #10 of Four At The Back features discussion of the US Nats’ loss in Costa Rica and a look ahead to the game with Honduras. Also, the best subbuteo player in the country, Zach Walker, is our guest (visit the American Subbuteo Association to find out more about this… (read more)

Wee Lads

Tremendous photo of some great craftsmanship from the Daily Telegraph:

Subbuteo 3, Me 0

So I played subbuteo for the first time in a few years (and first time ever with someone who knew what they were doing, my new friend Lee) on Saturday. My son and I went to his house (where he has a great table) and played a few games while watching English soccer on Fox… (read more)